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Mexican Pharmacy has not always been a leading and innovative provider of medications to the Mexican population and beyond. We started back in 1989 in a small village as a cornerstone pharmacy to fulfill the medical needs of local residents. Soon, we were able to open a few more locations.

From the inception of our initial pharmacy location, prioritizing our customers’ needs and desires has been our foundational principle. By attentively hearing our patrons’ inquiries and suggestions, we have progressively developed services that render the pharmacy shopping experience both convenient and comfortable.

Our experience and research showed us that there are way too many underserved locations. Thus, we took our to a whole new level by opening an online pharmacy. This enabled us to deliver medications to individuals who need them the most.

In our online pharmacy, we are able to offer a much wider variety of medications as we know that there will always be someone who needs it. At the same time, new and long-term partnerships make it possible to keep the prices as low as possible. In fact, we are now able to also serve customers from the United States and even Canada, who value the high quality and affordability of medications at the Mexico drugstore.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Personalized Care
Providing personalized care is much more than just filling orders. Our pharmacy experts are here to help you take care of your health in the best possible way.
Online Orders and Delivery
We strive to make health products accessible. Our customers benefit from intuitive navigation and product search and convenient doorstep order delivery.
Quality at Unbeatable Prices
While keeping the prices low, we never cut corners when it comes to quality. This entails choosing reliable partners and ensuring proper shipping and storage.
Paying for your medications can put a huge burden on anyone. We do our best to ensure that you do not have to pay for your pharmacy order out-of-pocket.
Wide Variety of Products
Over time, the list of available medications and related goods in our pharmacy has drastically expanded. We partner with local and foreign manufacturers.
Special Offers
We value our regular customers, so we reward them with special discounts and attractive coupons that can be applied to cut down the total cost of an order.

What We Do

Mexican Online Pharmacy understands its role in your health. We are committed to pharmacy excellence and exceptional customer service. We did our best to create an environment where our customers can feel at ease and have trust in the quality of medications they order every single time. Our goal is to be the pharmacy of choice for every customer.

We do more for every customer than just fill prescriptions. We are your go-to resource for wellness, nutrition, and health. Our pharmacists are highly skilled workers who use their expertise and experience to help you choose the best over-the-counter medication and work in tandem with you and your physician to ensure proper treatment of your health issues. 

List of Our Services


Mexican Pharmacy sells a great variety of prescription-only medications. If you would like to transfer your Rx to our pharmacy, you can just give us a call or send us a message and we will get started on it right away. Prescription drugs include all medications that strictly require a doctor’s prescription and a document confirming who exactly prescribed the drug in a certain dosage. This document can be issued both for medicinal products pre-packaged at the factory, and for preparation directly in the pharmacy, and contains instructions on the dosages, treatment length, etc. It ensures that people get proper treatment for their health issues and do not risk their health and even lives while self-treating.

Refills and Auto-Refills

Once we have your prescription, making refills takes no time. In fact, you can ask our pharmacist to set up auto-refills for you, so you never run out of your medication when you need it the most. Refills are another measure to prevent intentional or unintentional misuse of medications. They ensure that the patient has a limited supply that is just enough for a specific period (typically a month, but can be two weeks). To receive the next batch, one has to wait about three days until this period is over to request a new batch – a refill. Some pharmacies make it even easier for their customers to order refills and automate the process.

Over-the-Counter Products

Some of the safest medications are allowed to be sold in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. Medications that you can add to your medicine cabinet to have on hand as well as other over-the-counter medications can be easily ordered from our Mexican Pharmacy. As a rule, these are essential pills for fever, acute pain, and allergies. These include antipyretics (paracetamol), mild painkillers containing ibuprofen, as well as antiallergic medications. Even if they are sold without a prescription, you should consult your pharmacist or general provider to be sure you know when and how to take the medication.

Nutrition Essentials

Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements help individuals to stay healthy and live longer. They take part in the metabolism, support bone and muscle health, regulate the work of the heart and nervous system, strengthen immunity, and perform other equally important functions. Modern lifestyle, poor nutrition, heavy physical or mental work, as well as pregnancy can lead to mineral and vitamin deficiency in the body. At Mexican Pharmacy, you will find high-quality and natural supplements that help fill any gaps. Some complexes can be taken by the whole family, while others are specifically formulated for men, women, or children.

Express Delivery

We know that our customers do not always have time or ability to physically visit our pharmacy. Thus, we offer to deliver your order right to your home, office, or care facility. After processing your order, our pharmacists make sure to properly package each medication, so it safely gets delivered to your home. We value the privacy of our customers, so the orders are placed in discreet packaging and only workers who need your personal information to process your order get access to it. We do our best to make sure that you get your medications delivered as soon as possible.

Online Consultations

Online consultations with our pharmacists are simple, discreet, and convenient. Our customers have a chance to learn more about the medications they use, get tips on drug management, and much more. Another reason our customers contact our pharmacists is to receive help finding the right analogs or generic versions of the medication they need to take for their illness. The savings these substitutes provide can quickly add up, especially if the medication is taken for a prolonged time.

Exceptional Online Shopping Experience

The main goal of the Mexican Pharmacy Meds is to provide people with high-quality medicines and medical products on the most favorable terms for each consumer.

The online system of our pharmacy allows you to search for medications divided into categories and subcategories for better navigation on the site. It will also suggest all kinds of analogs or generics if the product you need is not available or the price does not suit you. In addition, the platform has a sorting of goods by price, form of release of the drug, method of administration, and type of dispensing from the pharmacy (prescription or over-the-counter).

Our pharmacy is characterized by a smart search for medical products. This means that when searching for medicines or related products and making a typo when spelling the name, our search query will offer an auto-correction or will find the most similar option based on your request.

The medicinal products available in the assortment of Mexican drugstore have quality certificates. All required conditions of storage, transportation, and temperature are closely observed. This guarantees you the purchase of high-quality, safe, and effective medical products from our pharmacy, both original drugs and generics (an equal replacement for branded counterparts but at a much more affordable price).

You can order medications in one click by clicking on the buy button, after which the product is moved to the cart, where you can check and place your order. Next, you can specify where you would like your order to be delivered. We try to offer the most popular and widely used payment methods to suit the preferences and abilities of our local customers as well as customers who order medications from the United States or Canada.

We take utmost responsibility for your privacy and safety of the information you enter on the platform. Thus, our website has the latest security tools and reliable payment processing companies. If you have any concerns or would like assistance making the order or picking the right medicinal product, you should not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists.

Let Us Help You Take Care of Your Health!

Mexican Pharmacy is committed to providing people access to safe, high-quality medicine and related products. Let us serve you today and help you achieve your health goals at a fraction of the cost!

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